For now this site serves as a collection of useful, very specific projects. They might solve a problem, they might make something easier, they might support you at something. All however should be useful in some way.


Pokemon Picross SolutionsSolutions for the 3DS puzzle game Pokemon Picross.
Pokemon Weakness CalculatorHelps you out in a pokemon battle by showing you all the relevant information nicely structured.
Also has an awesome multi-language search.

Guild Wars 2 WvW MatchupsA minimalistic, self-updating list of the WvW matchups and their scores.


Blade and Soul daily checklistChecklist for dailies of the last area of Blade and Soul.
Guild Wars 2 API ExplorerBrowse the Guild Wars 2 API. Documentation and Sandbox in one.
Overwatch Hero CountersList of all Overwatch heroes that shows who is effective against other heroes.


Rocketbeans Plauschangriff ArchivPlauschangriff is a german podcast by the livestream / internet broadcast company RocketbeansTV. This is a webplayer for it.
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