This site is intended as a companion app while playing Pokemon. Open it on your phone and when you're facing a tough enemy just enter their Pokemon's name in the search bar. You'll get some strategic information on how to beat your oponent. Super helpful in online battles.

The main reason I created this site is for the fast multi-language search and battle-relevant information. You can search in any of the following languages.

Supported languages


A big part of this tool is usability. I've added various aids to make navigation as quick and easy as possible.

You don't ever need to reach for the upper part of the screen on your phone. Tap the button with the magnifying glass at the bottom right to set the focus to the search bar and start typing. You can directly open the first result by clicking the 'send' or 'new line' button on your phones keybard. (Usually at the bottom right)

When viewing details of a pokemon, the button at the bottom right becomes your back button to close the popup and go back to the results list.

On PC you can have the ability to navigate the search results with your up and down arrow keys and view the selected one by pressing enter. You can also use the spacebar or escape key to focus the search bar and close the popup.

Contact me

I always appreciate feedback or bug reports. Feel free to send me a mail to hi@keeky.net or a message on Reddit.


Pokecalc relies on a bunch of awesome open source projects.


Sorry, but I couldn't find anything related to your search. Maybe you have a typo somewhere? Think you found a bug? Contact me!